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“MY DREAM IS TO BE AN ATHLETE” – His childhood had nothing to do with art.

He spent most of his time playing hockey and baseball in his childhood. He first wore a pair skate at the age of 2 and continued playing hockey until he finished junior hockey at the age of 21. After dinner, weekends, all he did was play hockey. During summer, he also played baseball to develop his hand eye coordination. His dream was to be an athlete.

At this point, his interest was only playing sports, which is completely opposite from his life today.


“EXPERIMENT AND NORMAL LIFE” – A typical guy in his 20’s.


He burned out playing hockey and decided to quit and move to Toronto after his college to build a new life and seek for a new opportunity. He experimented in different creative endeavors, making music, creating clothing and video editing. Through that process he found many things that he did not enjoying. Apart from that, he was a normal 20’s guy who lived their life, worked at a bar, party, hung out with his friends.

One of his favourite escapes from day-to-day life was going to movies.


“THE LONDON TRIP”  - Discovering the art world.

Invitation to London was sudden from his father which was his first time leaving North America and the trip dramatically changed the course of his life.

He visited the National Gallery and was blown away by the old masters.


Being exposed to the paintings made him contemplate his mortality and legacy. He started to think about what he could do in his life, and how he could leave something behind long after he’s gone.


This experience made him dive into the arts headfirst. Since then, he’s been studying art, creating his style, expressing his thoughts, and exploring his ideas. He loves the freedom, creativity and expression that art has allowed him to explore. There is nothing quite like the feeling.



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